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Battletech Historical: Liberation of Terra Vol. 2


In 2777 after ten years of savage fighting in the Periphery General Alaksandr Kerensky and the Star League Defense Force launched the final phase in the war against Stefan Amaris, the Usurper of the Star League. For two more years, the greatest army ever forged by humankind would wage a planetby-planet war for the heart of the League itself, ultimately landing on mankind's homeworld of Terra. As the single greatest campaign ever fought in human history, Operation LIBERATION would change the fate of generations to come.Historical: Liberation of Terra, Volume 2 describes the final years of the civil war that ultimately brought about the end of the first Star League. Covering the fighting that followed Kerensky's conquest of the Rim Worlds Republic and the early stages of the Hegemony campaign to the final conclusive battles on Terra itself, this book provides a hard look at the last days of the Star League Era, and the fateful decisions that would eventually pave the way for centuries of Succession Wars to come. Dragon Trove ID 11851

Manufacturer: Catalyst Game Labs
Manufacturer SKU: 35233
Dragons Trove ID: 11851
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 9781936876648
Condition: New
Condition Note: None

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