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Battlelords of the 23rd Centurion Core Rules (Savage Worlds)

Welcome to Savage Battlelords. Battlelords is a game set in a dangerous future. Play over-equipped, under-trained, corporate mercs whose employer views them as expendable resources in a galaxy being invaded by a horde of techno-organic monstrosities called the Arachnids. If you don't like working for the mega-corps, you can always get a job with the Galactic Armed Forces. What can be more fun than facing down an Arachnid charge in a fox hole? Maybe an independent mercenary group will hire you on, or you can get your bounty-hunter's license? The Pest Elimination Teams (PETs) are always hiring people to deal with the genetically engineered monstrosities that "Uncle Ernie" Freiberg and the Anarchist Rebellion Movement (ARM) releases on the populace for fun and profit.

Regardless of your career, weaponry in the 23rd century is devastatingly effective, and your Wild Card is going to need a suit of armor if they want to survive long. Armor can be customized with over 90+ Armor Options to suit your Wild Card's needs. The unique weapons & armor mechanics in Battlelords can be used in any Savage Worlds game that needs futuristic weaponry and customizable armor!

Savage Battlelords contains: 94 New Edges & 21 New Hindrances (Many of these are species-specific). 15+ weapon systems (136 individual weapons). 32 suits of armor and 90+ armor options. 120+ pieces of sci-fi equipment. 3 New Powers, 25+ new Power-specific modifiers, & 36 generic Power Modifiers. “Lock and load, private! Bring your extra pulse mags and your sense of humor. You’ll need both!
Manufacturer: 23rd Century Productions
Manufacturer SKU: 2001
Dragons Trove ID: 13905
Type: Core Book
ISBN/UPC: 9781959956099
Condition: New
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