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Bastion of Broken Souls


The Blood of Ancient Battles RisesAn eternal demonic war draws dangerously close to an end, threatening the balance of all existence. At the crux of this chaotic feud resides a legendary terror fixated upon immortality at any cost. Only the most powerful heroes can hope to defeat a force that lies beyond the influence of the gods.Bastion of Broken Souls is a stand-alone adventure for the Dungeons & Dragons game. Designed to challenge 18th-level D&D heroes, it pits them against some of the most powerful beings in the multiverse.To use this adventure, a Dungeon Master also needs the Player's Handbook, the Dungeon Master's Guide, and the Monster Manual.This adventure is the latest element in a collection of adventures designed to take characters from beginner to advanced levels of play (although no previous adventure need be played to play this one). Bastion of Broken Souls features an additional 16 pages of content for the same price as previous adventures.

Manufacturer: Wizards of the Coast
Manufacturer SKU: 88167
Dragons Trove ID: 11717
Type: Module
ISBN/UPC: 9780786926565
Condition: Near Mint
Condition Note: Slight wear.

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