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Atlas of the Young Kingdoms Vol. 1: The Northern Continent


Great Imperial Melnibone lay swollen across the world. Her tentacles wound through the planes of the Multiverse a hundred times. Among the Earthly slaves of Great Melnibone were grunting ape-men who plowed and harvested the fields and vineyards for their Masters table. Over the years, these ape-men changed and grew. They challenged their betters, who had fallen into decadence and defeated them. The New Kingdoms are now ruled by Human dreams and Human hands. Upon the shores of the Northern continent, human eyes stare across the sea towards forbidden Melnibone. Waiting.This Elric sourcebook discusses the Sighing Desert, the Weeping Waste, heavenly Tanelorn, horrible Nadsokor (the kingdom of beggars), the ancient evil of Org and the Forest of Troos, free-trading and progressive Ilmiora, and the Lawful hell of dying Vilmir. Here in you may learn the origin of the Young Kingdoms and the great rebellion of Vil Valario, the ways of the people, histories, products, and attitudes, customs and holidays, provinces and towns, and important leaders. There are plot ideas and story seeds a plenty, scores of illustrations, full-page national and regional maps, city plans, a Lormyrian and a Melnibonean calendar, and a index. Lovingly and ingeniously written, a triumph of sustained creation. This Elric Sourcebook (and all our others) is set about one year before the events in Elric of Melnibone. Terarn Gashtek has not begun his plan to conquer the Unknown East and Moonglum has not yet ventured into the Young Kingdoms.

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