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The Tempest


Mysterious pools of blood have begun to appear around the covenant and the magical aura has slowly begun to disappear. What is the cause of this curse, and can it be stopped before the covenant is destroyed? The fate of the entire Order of Hermes is in the characters' hands, as they struggle against a mysterious foe whose powers and motives are not understood. Their success is not assured. More than a simple adventure module, this Ars Magica supplement gives the storyguide information to build a complete saga, designed to shape years and even decades of a covenant's life. The Tempest provides storyguides with a series of interrelated adventures which, when completed, can allow a Summer covenant to progress into Autumn. The characters will discover the importance of the Order of Hermes within their own lives and the life of their covenant. While players may know much of its "official" history, the realities of its past struggles, present dangers, and future intrigues are forcefully brought to the characters' attention. The bloody legacy of the Schism War and the destruction of House Diedne may finally be brought to light. While the traditions of the Cult of Mercury were central to the founding of the Order of Hermes, the stone cairns of Britain helped provide the basis of its theories of magic. However, jealousy and mistrust resulted in a battle of great fury, which over the years has subsided but never ended. If the players are unable to halt the mighty forces that have again lurched into motion, a chain of events more critical to the future of magic since the creation of the Order could be set off. However, not every wrong can be righted, and the characters will find themselves targeted by the furious vengeance of a most potent adversary. It is indeed a time of The Tempest.

Manufacturer: Lion Rampant
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Type: Module
Condition: Near Mint
Condition Note: Slight wear. Price tag on front cover and sticker on back cover.

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