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Arms Law 3rd edition


Get Critical! Arms Law is about FRP combat the kind that leaves you shaking & bragging to your friends about your character's exploits. If you prefer safe, ho hum, by the numbers RPG combat then Arms Law's NOT for you. If you're looking for FRP combat that leaves you breathless, your quest ends here.Arms Law is a fantasy combat system designed for use with Rolemaster rules or the RPG rules of your choice. Arms Law slides right into any other game system quickly and easily.What makes Arms Law special?

Criticals and Fumbles:From the 'E' Puncture Critical Table: "Pierced through the heart he reels 10 feet before dying!."

Two Handed Arms Fumble: "Stumble over an imaginary unseen dead turtle. You lose two rounds of attack, but can still parry."

Arms Law includes 29 individual weapon attack tables, 14 special attack tables, and dozens of critical strikes, and fumbles. Remember!it's not the bruises that kill! Critical damage is what wastes your enemies.

Manufacturer: Iron Crown Enterprises
Manufacturer SKU: 5810
Dragons Trove ID: 5529
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 1558062149
Condition: New
Condition Note:

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