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Armory Reloaded


Lock And Load

Sometimes it’s about tactics. Sometimes it’s about personal skill. Sometimes it’s about teamwork. And sometimes it’s just about having a big enough gun to kill every last enemy in the room with a few squeezes of the trigger. There are a lot of options for mayhem. Why choose just one?

A Character Book for World of Darkness

An array of artifact weapons, both blessed and cursed, where each can be used as the focus of an entire story. These weapons are both blessed and cursed

A new look at Fighting Styles in the World of Darkness: Old styles are reexamined, and several new styles are introduced, each with new rules, histories, and characters to go along with them.

Rules for future weapons, the high-tech, bleeding-edge armament that characters might bring to bear against the horrors of the World of Darkness.

A whole chapter devoted to hacking apart the combat mechanics of the Storytelling System and rebuilding them so they suit the needs of your game. Gritty combat? Blood-soaked cinematics? Monster-specific rules tweaks? All that, and more.

Manufacturer: White Wolf Publishing
Manufacturer SKU: 55208
Dragons Trove ID: 3493
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 1588463623
Condition: Near Mint
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