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Apocrypha 2: Chart of Darkness


Apocrypha 2: Chart of Darkness, the follow-up to Apocrypha Now!, is a mix of new rules, background material, and adventures from both fan-favorite writers and reprinted from White Dwarfs from the late 1980s. The book starts with a section on 'Crime and Punishment', including new skills and careers, new spells for the Cult of Ranald, and a tour of prisons in the Empire. Section two explores aspects of death and the Cult of Mórr, ending with a slew of graveyard encounters.Section three presents a variety of intriguing personages and places, such as Otto the Printer, the New Millennialists, The Vermilion Pawn, Morbog's Marauders, the Pandemonium Carnival, and the notorious Gotrek and Felix. Section four is a magical medley, featuring uncommon herbs, divination, and magical archery, as well as a character name generator and other useful tidbits for PC and NPC backgrounds. Apocrypha 2 rounds out with four adventures, including a new one -- Deep Trouble in Karak-Zulvor -- by Ken Rolston.

Manufacturer: Hogshead Publishing
Manufacturer SKU: 214
Dragons Trove ID: 11466
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 9781899749171
Condition: Near Mint
Condition Note: Minor cover wear.

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