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Angmar, Land of the Witch King


The land of Angmar is one of the grimmest places in all of Middle-earth. It is not black and twisted like Mordor, but heartbreakingly cold and barren. It lies in a northern fork in the Western Misty Mountains, and in the Eastern Misty Mountains. Little activity is centered upon the barren plain between the fork in the mountains; the border guard of men is set in the rolling hills upon the edge of the low plateau. These men watch the long border road that runs from Carn Dûm to the southern tip of Angmar. The orcs prefer the safety of the tunnels in the mountains. In the East the Witch King has no border guard; the mountains bar entry into Angmar from that direction, except to those who know the orcish tunnels.

  • 4 major floor plans
  • 8 B & W maps
  • Cultures, herblore & guidelines for running your own adventures
  • A 16" x 20" full-color double-sided detachable mapsheet.
Manufacturer: Iron Crown Enterprises
Manufacturer SKU: 2300
Dragons Trove ID: 3491
Type: Module
ISBN/UPC: 0915795078
Condition: Very Good/Near Mint
Condition Note: Slight cover wear, still has poster map. A few spine creases.

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