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A million kinds of beasts live on the continent of Genertela in Glorantha. They appear in all the stories of the world. Some are friends, many are foes, a few are magical harbingers, and others are just food. Horses, dogs, and cats are nearly ubiquitous, wolf packs and metal goats are foes, ravens and rattlesnakes can talk, and cattle and deer are the feasts of every story.

This book contains over 150 entries describing more than 300 animals, monsters, and other creatures, including game statistics, origin myths, and other pertinent facts. Fifty illustrations illuminate the text. Eleven additional stories animate the collection. These creatures of the Hero Wars are a part of a changing world, where men can become immortal. The old ways are over, and even some creatures can become gods.

Manufacturer: Issaries Inc.
Manufacturer SKU: 1103
Dragons Trove ID: 1194
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 9781929052073
Condition: Near Mint
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