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Amber and Ashes

Standing at a tomb where she has buried her Dark Queen, warrior-woman Mina believes her life is at an end. Her belief is confirmed when she sees Chemosh, God of Death, come to claim her. But Chemosh does not want Mina’s death—he wants her faith.

Mina is immediately attracted to the handsome and darkly charming god, who has ambitious plans to become the ruler of the Pantheon of Evil. She joins his cause and begins to entice followers to do the same—followers who are young, strong, and soon devoted to their god’s designs. Her commitment endears her to Chemosh, stirring up feelings he never thought he'd have for a mortal woman.

Meanwhile, the brother of a monk of Majere falls victim to Mina’s seduction and becomes one of the vampiric followers of Chemosh. Appalled by the crimes his brother commits, the monk abandons his faith and pledges himself to the evil goddess of the sea, Zeboim, who has her own reasons for wanting to thwart the God of Death. Accompanied by a kender who can talk to the dead, the monk starts upon a dark path to try to find a way to stop Mina and her disciples.
Manufacturer: Wizards of the Coast
Manufacturer SKU: 96708
Dragons Trove ID: 3480
Type: Novel
ISBN/UPC: 9780786937424
Condition: Near Mint
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