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Adventurers Club #23



- 'Nuff Said by W.D. Robinson
- Superhype! by Bruce Harlick
- Crooks & Crusaders: Out takes from Underworld Enemies by Chris Avellone
- N-Ray Vision: Review of FASA's Earthdawn by Brian Curley


- The Secret History: Mysteries from Horror Hero: Endless Nightmares by David A. Utter
- The Cassandra Matrix: An Adventure for CyberHero by Alex J. Morgan
- More Realistic Spell Casting: How to put the magic back in Fantasy Hero by Doug Tabb
- Customized Elementals: Diverse Elementals for your Summoning Pleasure by Steven S. Long
- Perklets by Allen Varney
- Running a Super Hero Game in a Soap Opera Style: What more needs to be said? by Jonathan Osborne
- New Fantasy Character Archetypes: Introducing the Knight-Templar, Acrobat and more! by John Desmarias
- Base Time for Skills: An optional skill sub-system by Geoff Speare & Riley McLaughlin
- College of Alchemy: A new look at alchemy by Dean Shomshak

Manufacturer: Hero Games
Manufacturer SKU: AC23
Dragons Trove ID: 185
Type: Magazine
Condition: Near Mint
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