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Adventurers Club #20



- 'Nuff Said by W.D. Robinson
- Superhype! by Bruce Harlick
- Foxbat & Fandom: The return of our Letters pages! by Foxbat
- GM's Discretion: Our new rules columnist looks at Absorption by Steven Perrin
- N-Ray Vision: A review of the GUARDIANS from Dark Tower Enterprises by Brian Curley
- Games Within Games: A regular look at the dynamics of roleplaying by Collie Collier
- Crooks & Crusaders: Featuring Topsy-Turvy, a real mixed-up guy by Cliff Christensen


- Writing and Running Tournament Games: Learn how some HACs do it by Dean F. Edgell
- Zip Zap Guns: An adventure for Champions by Alex J. Morgan
- Cyber Hero Errata: One of the authors speaks by Michael McAfee
- Power Moves: Building Better Bricks by David Rakonitz
- How Far Did Grond Throw You?: Another Look at Throwing by Dean Shomshak
- Standards of Technology: Controlling gadgeteers & comic book technologies by Steven S. Long
- Molding Minds For Fun & Profit: Mind control revisited by Matthew Lewis

Manufacturer: Hero Games
Manufacturer SKU: AC20
Dragons Trove ID: 8208
Type: Magazine
Condition: Near Mint
Condition Note: Minor cover wear.

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