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Arms & Equipment


In the multitudes of career paths and adventurous lives the people of RuneQuest can lead require a vast array of tools, equipment, weapons and other gear. These items are not always easily available, nor are they simple to explain to those unschooled in their use. A rapier duellist will have a difficult time explaining the nature of axe-combat, while an axe-wielding barbarian is unlikely to know even what the word 'riposte' means. A butcher can walk you through stuffing sausage casings, but will be useless if asked about setting grommets in a leather skirt. Thus, the Arms & Equipment Guide is born. We have collected well over a hundred pieces of equipment from the blade used to dispatch your foes to the breed of pack animal you might use to carry it. This is where adventurers looking for that 'special something' will hopefully be able to find it. If they have a rare and unique career that requires some rather unique tools of their trade, they might just be able to get their hands on it "“ and rules for their use "“ within these pages. The gear and property to be had within these pages will become the crutches in which RuneQuest characters will lean on (perhaps literally!), with inventive souls finding uses for items otherwise unimagined. We took the time to gather all the information we could, placed it all here for them to peruse, and hope that the players across the world will find good ways to use it. It is a lot of information to swallow all at once . . . but it will not take long for you to find out why it is worth it. Dragon Trove ID 9868

Manufacturer: Mongoose Publishing
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Dragons Trove ID: 9868
Type: Supplement
Condition: New
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