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The dragonewts are the most enigmatic of the Elder Races in the world of Glorantha. Most are immortal, experiencing constant reincarnations as they slowly move towards becoming the enormous true dragons.Their beliefs are largely impenetrable, although in the Second Age two factions try to lift the veil of their mythos. The Empire of Wyrm's Friends looks to bring about the awakening of a new, massive dragon, seeing in this aim the opportunity to achieve their own enlightenment. The sorcerers of the God Learner Empire seek to learn the secrets so they can plunder them in the pursuit of personal power.What the dragonewts really think of all this is unknowable. They continue to travel the world, conducting their rituals and magic. One thing is absolutely certain, the dragonewts are still powerful and if they were ever angered their fury and those of their dragon forebears would bring disaster upon all who would stand against them . . Dragon Trove ID 9862

Manufacturer: Mongoose Publishing
Manufacturer SKU: 8124
Dragons Trove ID: 9862
Type: Supplement
Condition: New
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