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Races of Ansalon


Kender, gully dwarves, and gnomesKender are the masters of 'finding' objectsthat people 'drop', and are fearless. Gully dwarves can tell you for a fact that their are two, no more than two, draconians in the next room. If a gnomish inventor is around, run away because it won't be long before something explodes!Races of Ansalon details the known races ofthe Dragonlance world. It covers everything fromthe races mentioned above to Krynnish minotaurs,centaurs, and goblins, including half-breeds andminor races. All of the standard races and humancultures are covered as well, and all in great detail. Dragon Trove ID 9656

Manufacturer: Sovereign Press, Inc.
Manufacturer SKU: 4404
Dragons Trove ID: 9656
Type: Supplement
Condition: New
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