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The Tome of Horrors III


The Horrors Return!Necromancer Games brings you another volume in the series of monster books that made 3rd-edition co-designer Monte Cook say, "If a roleplaying game is a gun, then Tome of Horrors is a case of hollow point, explosive shells!"�A Monster Book for v3.5 Fantasy Roleplaying* Contains over 200 never-before-seen monsters from the devastation swarm to the mortuary cyclone to the rakewood devourer all of whichprovide usable, detailed, and unknown challenges.* Includes new demons and devils (a signature of Necromancer Games), including the nightmarish ahazu and the vile aegrodaemon, and other outsiders such as the angelic chalkydri.* Makes a great addition to any campaign surprise players with new opponents.* 100% Open Game Content makes the book useful for any purpose.Page Count: 248 (hardcover)Author: Necromancer staffDeveloper: Clark Peterson and Bill WebbCover Artist: Mike Chaney Dragon Trove ID 8450

Manufacturer: White Wolf Publishing
Manufacturer SKU: 8389
Dragons Trove ID: 8450
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 1588467929
Condition: Near Mint
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