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Flashing Blades RPG


It was a question of honor, and honor was always foremost in the minds of the men who strode through the age of the Sun King. A deserted courtyard on the edge of Paris was the stage on which they met with . . . FLASHING BLADES.A complete role playing game set in the era of the Three Musketeers. A world in which a man's courage and ambition knew no bounds. It was a time of adventure and of intrigue in which the rival interests of King and Cardinal played a deadly game across France and all of Europe.FLASHING BLADES comes complete with a forty-eight page rulebook, a book of three introductory adventures to get he campaign started, a judge's screen, and a mase character sheet suitable for photocopying. Everything needed to begin a life of romance and adventure in a time when a man's actions could determine the course of history.Rules are included to cover character creation and skills, secrets and advantages, combat careers, economics, military campaigns and character involvement, politics and social standing. Detailed background sections provide a view of the political climate, laws, religion, customs, lifestyles, and a total 'feel' for the period. The introductory adventures are designed to demonstrate a wide variety of adventure styles possible within this popular genre as they deal with out-and-out combat, intrigue, international politics, and the social picture.Be prepared to be '. . . Born with the gift of laughter and the sense that the world was mad,' as was Scaramouche in Sabitini's novel. It's all for one and one for all as adventure and danger await just beyond the next bend in the road. Dragon Trove ID 8410

Manufacturer: Fantasy Games Unlimited
Manufacturer SKU: 2101
Dragons Trove ID: 8410
Type: Core Book
Condition: New
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