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7th Sea: Nations of Theah Volume 2


What is free can never be caged. What is caged will never know freedom.

Revolution, democracy, freedom — Théah’s eastern nations know these words well. As each nation struggles to find its footing in these treacherous new landscapes, unrest looms on the horizon.

This book contains material for 7th Sea: Second Edition including new Backgrounds, Advantages, Dueling styles and new monsters. It also includes expanded setting information for Théah’s four eastern nations:

Eisen, including information about the Eisenfursten, the Horrors within the nation, various locations around the nation, and an expansion on Hexenwerk
The Sarmatian Commonwealth, with an inside look at the new nobility and those who oppose it, information on the two halves of the country, and an in depth look at Sanderis
Ussura, including a view of the two contenders for the throne, the Ussura countryside, and a look at Tură, a Leshiye as powerful as Matushka
Vodacce, including the ongoings of the various cities in Vodacce, important people around the nation, and a look at what happens when Sorte is used untrained

Adventure, political intrigue and upheaval lurk around every corner. Are you ready to take up the cause?

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