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Tunnels & Trolls 5.5 Edition Rulebook


Have you ever dreamed of being a bold and fearless adventurer, a warrior-king, or a cunning and powerful magician? You can be all these when you play Tunnels & Trolls the worlds you explore and great quests you pursue are limited only by your imagination! You'll find that T&T is easy to learn and easy to play. You can adventure through the T&T solitaire adventures by yourself, or play with your friends in our Game Master adventures (Or design your own gamemaster adventure for your friends).The T&T Rulebook is easy to understand, filled with in-depth examples, and everything you'll need to know to play T&T, including Combat, Magic, Weapons & Armor Charts, and Monsters, plus Elaborations, Weapons Glossary, Index, and Trollstone Caverns (an introductory gamemaster adventure). Dragon Trove ID 7520

Manufacturer: Flying Buffalo Inc.
Manufacturer SKU: 9100
Dragons Trove ID: 7520
Type: Core Book
Condition: New
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