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D6 Fantasy Locations


Getting there is not more than half the fun. This book serves two functions for would-be fantasy architects. First, it's a how-to guide for those who want to make their own fantastic locations, with information for crafting cities,castles, and dungeons, plus advice for making them more realistic or more magical. Second, it's also a collection of ready-to-use locations, from castle dungeon to ruined temple, from treetop village to fantastic metropolis, from a keep in the clouds to an inner-mountain city. All locations come with the elements necessary to bring them alive, such as descriptions, maps, sample characters, adventure seeds, or the like.This book is designed to be useful to a variety of fantasy gamers and campaigns. Whether you're a gamemaster for a gritty historical game looking for a last-minute locale or a player whose character has dreams of building his ownmagical castle, D6 Fantasy Locations has something to offer you. 112-page softcover Dragon Trove ID 7518

Manufacturer: West End Games
Manufacturer SKU: 51020
Dragons Trove ID: 7518
Type: Supplement
Condition: New
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