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From launches to liners, from patrol boats to pirates, a starfaring campaign requires ships. GURPS Traveller: Starships details the "View from the Deck" . . . the experience of being aboard a starship. Passengers and pursers, bridge crews and black gang, owners and deckhands . . . they're all here. Charters and salvage operations are included, spiced up with encounters, adventure seeds and a cast of NPC owners, masters and crew. Starships also features a much more detailed version of the starship design rules in GURPS Traveller (including components for TL7-9, TL11, and TL13 designs). It collects all previously published components in one volume and offers new accessories and design options, as well as descriptions of the technology. It also includes complete designs for a selection of starships and smaller vessels -- the traders, lab ships, yachts and prospectors likely to be crewed by PCs. Each ship has its own detailed writeup and deck plans. These include: Seeker (Suleiman II class) Yacht (Lady of Shalott class) Safari Ship (Animal class) Old/Low-tech Trader (Birdsong class -- new) Lab Ship (Kugashin class) SDB and Jump Shuttle (Dragon class) 144 pages. Dragon Trove ID 6124

Manufacturer: Steve Jackson Games
Manufacturer SKU: 6613
Dragons Trove ID: 6124
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 1556344759
Condition: Near Mint
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