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5E Fantasy #5: Into the Dragon's Maw


Fifth Edition Fantasy is here! This adventure module is fully compatible with the fifth edition of the world's first fantasy RPG, and is ready to play in your home campaign!

Your stalwart band treks through the trackless jungle seeking the Dragon's Maw Waterfall. At the base of the falls, behind a massive curtain of water, is rumored to be the cavern lair of a great wyrm. The local Xulmec tribesmen say the great dragon has not been seen in nearly 100 years, so perhaps the hoard lies unguarded and ready for plunder. But what role do the heroes play in a blind shaman's prophecy foretold a century ago?

Manufacturer: Goodman Games
Manufacturer SKU: 5555
Dragons Trove ID: 6799
Type: Module
ISBN/UPC: 9781946231987
Condition: New
Condition Note:

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