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Slayers Guide Compendium Volume I


Slayer's Guide Compendium: Volume I brings eight great Slayer's Guide titles together for the first time. Hobgoblins, Gnolls, Troglodytes, Bugbears, Trolls, Orcs, and the all-new Dopplegangers and Tritons. Fully 3.5 compatible, this may be your last opportunity to get hold of these hard-to-find releases, all of which have been thoroughly revised and updated. Hobgoblins: See the militant, warlike society of hobgoblins with new respect. Gnolls: Explore their brutal, savage pack society and their lethal ambush tactics. Troglodytes: A detailed look at these loathsome reptilians, their lairs and their past. Bugbears: A guide to this race of monsters driven by insatiable hunger and possessing a disturbing understanding of guerilla tactics. Trolls: There's more to trolls than first meets the eye, as detailed in this definitive guide including notes on their society, tactics and subspecies. Orcs: The classic fantasy monster is here given the treatment it deserves, elevating it from mere dungeon cannon fodder. Dopplegangers: All-new, this guide explores the strange world of the definitive shape-shifters. Tritons: An in-depth take on the mysterious dwellers of the sea, the tritons, exploring their culture, methods of war, and the reason why they dwell in the deep oceans of the Material plane. Dragon Trove ID 5388

Manufacturer: Mongoose Publishing
Manufacturer SKU: 30
Dragons Trove ID: 5388
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 1904854575
Condition: Near Mint
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