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BattleTechnology Magazine #14


Contents: Honor Has No Price, reprint from ComStar Today To Take Down the Jolly Roger, a combat memoir When the Levee Breaks, a combat memoir from 3044 BattleTechnology News Service News From The Front: Inner Sphere Invaded, Baptism of Fire, The Mercenary in Mid-Century BattleTechnology Presents: Sun Zhang Academy Coices for the two most perfect Assault Mechs: The Omega and The Huntress Hiring Hall: The Stalking Rhinos BattleTac - Bad Weather and Terrain Simulator BattleMechanics - Technical Readout: Roo Scout Vehicle BattleTech Scenario: A Melee in the Mud BattleTech Scenario: The Spider Meets the Ax BattleTech Scenario: Battle for Alamut MechWarrior Scenario: A Lust for Lostech Part Two More Than Warriors

Manufacturer: Pacific Rim Publishing
Manufacturer SKU: 14
Dragons Trove ID: 5340
Type: Magazine
Condition: Near Mint
Condition Note: Minor wear.

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