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Gateway to Destiny


Gateway to Destiny is a fully developed campaign setting ideal for all versions of Traveller and easily adaptable to other game systems. Containing four complete sectors of space with over 1000 unique star systems, the Gateway Domain Sourcebook will support years of campaign play.The Gateway region lies on the edge of Imperial space. The alliances, wars and trade agreements of its many small powers send ripples throughout the region, even to the capitals of the four great powers: The Third Imperium: Holding a quarter of the systems of the Domain, the Imperium is the dominant local power. But with a new Archduke, a stagnant economy and a war drawing off its naval strength, the Imperial grasp on the region is shaky at best. The K'Kree: Militant herbivores determined to exterminate all meat-eaters, the K'Kree make bad neighbors. A particularly aggressive faction, the Lords of Thunder, has carved out an empire in a neighboring sector, and they have only one direction to expand into! The Solomani Confederation: Determined to hit the Imperials wherever they can, the Solomani have sent ships into Gateway. Their agents find fertile ground among the independent worlds. The Hive Federation: As always, the Hivers are content to observe and stir the pot occasionally. Or is that what they want everyone to believe?The Gateway Domain Sourcebook also contains details of many factions and minor powers, including: The Imperial Megacorporations: Vast commercial concerns wielding immense power. Their influence is felt Imperium-wide! and beyond. The Loyal Sector Guard: An illegal but popular militia formed to defend Gateway Domain. Its leaders may have a different agenda, however. The Wanderers: Mysterious aliens plying the spaceways in their world-ships. They seem friendly enough!. The Khuur League: A remnant of the Sydymic Empire crushed by the Imperium, the League is once again flexing its muscles. The Old Worlds: A powerful human state in Crucis Margin Sector, the Old Worlds stands as a bastion against K'Kree expansion. The Droyne: After a long period of inactivity, Droyne ships are on the move throughout the region. Their agenda is completely unknown. The Renkard Union: A human state in Gateway Sector, next on the list for K'Kree assault. Marshal Nells: Former Archduke of Gateway, he plans to regain his throne by any means necessary.The Gateway setting is broad and deep, and varied enough to allow almost any sort of campaign to be run. Whether your favoured style is exploration, combat, politics, warfare, espionage, trade, scientific or a bit of everything, Gateway is big enough to keep you busy indefinitely! Trade among the worlds of the Imperium, or push out into new territories seeking that big score. Keep the Emperor's Peace as a member of the Imperial Navy. Explore dead worlds and failed colonies. Battle alien invaders or rival humans in defence of your homeworld, or as a mercenary ground-pounder. Voyage out into the Lesser Rift or the Darksky Gulf. Raid commerce aboard a Solomani warship. Broker a peace treaty among warring factions. Plunge into the murky depths of Megacorporate politics Carve out a pocket empire in a backwater system and defend it against all comers. Seek answers to the mysteries of the region: the Wanderers, the Droyne and the Deadspace Phenomenon. Hold out against the tide of the K'Kree advance.Gateway Domain is a living, growing campaign setting which will be further developed in forthcoming QLI products including Starfall, which details a cluster of worlds in the Glimmerdrift Reaches sector of Gateway Domain and Homecoming, the first Grand Adventure set in Gateway Domain. Future products will further expand the region and develop its many storylines. Dragon Trove ID 5246

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Dragons Trove ID: 5246
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