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BESM d20 Advanced d20 Magic


Advanced d20 Magic provides players and Game Masters with a balanced, sophisticated magic system for d20 system role-playing games (including BESM d20). This book includes complete rules for skill-based magic mechanics, guidelines on how to accurately convert traditional d20 spells for use with the advanced system, and hundreds of converted spells for easy use. If you enjoy playing high-fantasy games and wish to movie beyond the restrictive level-based magic system, this is the ideal book for you!User Summary: A skill based system of magic to REPLACE 3.0 and 3.5's level based system of magic.Basically:- Spells DO take a # of slots to cast. (But not a "lvl 7", etc, just "A slot".)- Spells have a difficulty DC that is also related to their drain.- If you make your Fortitude save, the spell goes off. It may even reduce the drain if you do it well.- If you don't make the save, you must make a skill check to keep control.- You can reduce the drain by; saying the name of the spell (Fire-BLAZE), turning the spell into a whole round cast, or making it even longer into a ritual. If you are really good, you just flick your finger and it goes off.- Also rules for anime-esqe spell countering and combining.Sounds fun.- Feats are included.+ Class conversions for 3.0 and 3.5.+ Spell conversion guidelines.+ The book is also designed if you have an idea for a "Magical Girl" (Sailor Moon) type campaign in mind.+ Also can be used in d20 Modern, or d20 Space of you wish.

Manufacturer: Guardians of Order
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Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 1894938712
Condition: Near Mint
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