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Riddle Rooms #3: Past, Present and Future


Riddle Rooms #3 is a role-playing source book that can be used to enhance any campaign. Each encounter in Riddle Rooms #3 contains a riddle, puzzle or challenge that your players must overcome in order to solve the encounter. Because the obstacles presented in these encounters require thinking and problem solving, characters of any ability or skill level will be equally challenged.Past, Present and Future is the third in the Riddle Rooms series. The encounters here are designed to be used in fantasy, modern day, and futuristic role playing settings. Some encounters are specific to a time period or setting, many can be used in multiple settings. If you're looking for more encounters in a dungeon setting, you will find them in Riddle Rooms #1 - Dungeon Dilemmas. If you'd like additional wilderness/outdoor settings, check out Riddle Rooms #2 - Wilderness Puzzles & Perils.Components Game Master's Handbook . This contains all the information you, the Game Master, need to know. Each Riddle Room is described along with its solution. Handouts . These sheets show your players the encounter. Give these to your players when they reach a place in your adventure where you've put a Riddle Room. The Handouts are bound into the Game Master's Handbook. Remove them by tearing along the perforations. Some encounters require more than one sheet "“ this is noted in the Game Master's Information for those encounters. Some of the Handouts need to be cut before being used. Feel free to photocopy any Handout pages. 4 Bonus Puzzles. These are number, logic and sequence puzzles that are handy for alarm shutoffs, pass-codes, and safe combinations. Dragon Trove ID 3547

Manufacturer: Cloud Kingdom Games
Manufacturer SKU: 50203
Dragons Trove ID: 3547
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 1928807054
Condition: Very Good/Near Mint
Condition Note: Some cover wear from minor use.

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