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Gathering Thunder - Sartar Rising Vol. 3


The Lunar Empire has been defeated at the Battle of Iceland. Orlanth is free, and across Dragon Pass and the world the winds have been released. This is the time to strike, the time for heroes to raise the rest of the land against the Empire, begin quests that will take years to bear fruit, and finally to aid Kallyr as she returns a lost planet to the sky and upsets the plans of the Empire. Gathering Thunder is the third book of the Sartar Rising campaign. It continues the epic struggle of the Heortlings against the Lunar Empire, building on the events and information provided in Barbarian Adventures and Orlanth is Dead!, the first two books of the series. This 80-page book includes six scenarios set in Dragon Pass, each a testing ground for heroes as they rise to become leaders in the rebellion: *The New Breathers, by Martin Hawley *Sheep, Clouds, Thunder, by Jeff Kyer *The Other Side of the Dragon, by David Dunham *Kill Wasps! by Ian Cooper *Final Days at Skullpoint, by Ron Edwards *Ship of the Sky, a heroquest by Greg Stafford Dragon Trove ID 3295

Manufacturer: Issaries Inc.
Manufacturer SKU: 1403
Dragons Trove ID: 3295
Type: Module
Condition: New
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