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Danger in the City of Immer

This adventure introduces you to the legendary and mythic world of Diomin, a dark fantasy D20 setting where the mighty deeds of heroes and the terrible atrocities of villains clash amidst the mysterious machinations of the gods.Become immersed in a world where a dark and twisted race attempt to bring about the total annihilation of life and then offer the world up to their terror inspiring goddess. Where a once great people, blessed of their god, fled from their corrupted brethren back to the land of their ancestors. And a time when a race long divided, now stand face to face on the brink of a war that threatens all the people of Diomin. Will the actions of the players be the great and mighty deeds of heroes, or the dark plots that bring about the destruction of all creation?Everything you need for an entire evening of play is included in this book. Including 7 pregenerated PCs to choose from!
Manufacturer: Otherworld Creations
Manufacturer SKU: 1020
Dragons Trove ID: 2682
Type: Module
Condition: New
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