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1990's Handbook

Call of Cthulhu--Mythos Edition

The horrors lurking in the modern world are often a synthesis of the mundane and the monstrous. For example, the concept of a snuff film is monstrous, but with such a strong foundation of mundane movies full of graphic sex and violence, we can easily believe in their existence even if we have not seen them ourselves. Susan Smith was to all appearances a loving mother, yet she sent the car with her two young sons in it into a lake and let them drown. If these are part of our world, what other, less understandable, horrors must be waiting for us?

The ideas presented in this book attempt to be both mundane and fantastic at the same time- plausibility is the key. It is in the details that the fantastic can rise and stand.

This, then, is a book of details, most mundane and some fantastic. They have but one purpose- that of bringing Lovecraft's horror home to us here and now. The 1990's Handbook is a revision of Cthulhu Now, and brings Call of Cthulhu into the mid-1990's. New equipment detailed includes surveillance paraphernalia, computers, and lethal and non-lethal weapons. The roles of the government, the military, the police, and crime in the modern world are discussed. An optional hit location system is presented. Several scenario storylines are given.

Manufacturer: Chaosium
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