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White Dwarf #32



"Lore of the Ring" - Tolkein's Rings in D&D - (Stephen Bland)

Slower-than-light Ships in Traveller - (Marcus L. Rowland)

"The Town Planner"
Part II:Designing Towns and Cities - (Paul Vernon)

"A World of Your Own"
Devising a style of play in T & T - (Ken St. Andre)

"Chaos from Mount Dorren"
An AD&D mini-scenario - (Phil Masters)


Open Box - A look at some new games by independent reviewers -
- Call of Cthulhu 1st Edition (Ian Bailey)
- Bushido and Valley of the Mists (Mike Polling)
- Dungeons and Dragons - Electronic Game (Jamie Thomson)

(John Lambshead, Bob McWilliams, Lewis Pulsipher)

Starbase - Striker: Design of Civilian Vehicles for Traveller (edited by Bob McWilliams)


RuneRites - "The Cyclops" by Jim Sizer and Griselda's Statistics by Oliver Dickinson (edited by Oliver Dickinson)

Fiend Factory - "Little Things" - new AD&D monsters that are on the small side, if not necessarily low-level, edited by Albie Fiore. (Monsters by Roger E Moore, Phil Masters, Bob Greenwade, Peter Ryding and Simon Craddock)

Treasure Chest - Drug Use and Abuse in AD & D (Graeme Davis) (edited by Jamie Thomson)


Small Ads - Clubs, Help! and Classifieds

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