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Worlds Rise Up (Fate RPG)


Looking for a ready-made setting to bring to your Fate table? Fate Worlds: Worlds Rise Up brings four outstanding settings to stimulate your imagination and get you gaming fast.This supplement compiles four previously-electronic-only releases: Masters of Umdaar: The fallen world of Umdaar is home to cyborg insects, merciless warlords, and lasers lots and lots of lasers. Quest for long-lost artifacts of power and return hope to your people. Nest: There is a place where children go to slay dragons, solve riddles, and learn magic, only to grow up and forget these fantasies. Protect your past from something terrible and very, very real. Psychedemia: Students at a psionic academy are caught in a struggle between their new alien friends and the school faculty. Bring your psychic powers to bear to protect your friends and broker peace. Behind the Walls: Being in prison is bad enough, but when the world outside goes silent post-nuclear attack, it's hard to know what to think. Find a way to survive the cell block chaos, because it just might be safer behind the walls.Fate Worlds. All the worlds. Your stage.

Manufacturer: Evil Hat Productions
Manufacturer SKU: 21
Dragons Trove ID: 12329
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 9781613171240
Condition: New
Condition Note: None

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