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A Time of War Companion


The A Time of War Companion is an advanced rules expansion for A Time of War: The BattleTech RPG. It offers several rules expansions designed specifically to enhance the basic game play experience of A Time of War campaigns, while retaining compatibility with the rest of the core rules line.Launch yourself into the universe of BattleTech with new technologies and prove your heroism to House Lords and Khans alike! Visit strange and distant worlds, and battle alien beasts beyond your wildest dreams! Demonstrate new combat techniques both in and out of the cockpit, while navigating the intricate layers of neo-feudal politics! Whether your are a House regular, a pirate smuggler, a noble scion, a deep space explorer, or just a thrill-seeking adventurer, bring your experience to a whole new level!A Time of War Companion introduces new advanced rules to BattleTech role-players and gamemasters alike. Within this core book expansion are advanced gameplay options including Advanced Tier martial arts, hero-mode gameplay, metaskills, Trait Checks, and more! Use character design templates to quickly generate new characters and NPCs, or even convert older characters from previous MechWarrior rule sets! Gamemasters, use the world-building rules to bring your players to exotic new locations, introduce them to equally exotic fauna you have created to greet them there, and give them the chance to fight for or against a host of new technologies rarely seen in the field! The tools to enhance your role-playing campaigns are here for Dragon Trove ID 11881

Manufacturer: Catalyst Game Labs
Manufacturer SKU: 35180
Dragons Trove ID: 11881
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 1934857971
Condition: New
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