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Basic Roleplaying: Chronicles of Future Earth


The Earth we know is gone, forgotten in the depths of time. In its place is the Urth a world of mystery and danger, steeped in a thousand centuries of history and legend, where humankind brushes shoulders with beings and creatures strange and monstrous. The Venerable Autocracy of Sakara, the greatest and oldest Empire on Urth, rules over half the world, led by an immortal God-Emperor whose very word is law. It's a world of deep, dark forests, brooding mountains, timeworn ruins haunted with the ghosts of the past and the weird monsters of the future. Arcane sorcerers explore strange dimensions, terrible priests wield powers from extradimensional beings known as Gods, mighty soldiers forge new histories from the ruins of the past. It's a time of danger, reckoning, and adventure. Welcome to The Chronicles of Future Earth. Dragon Trove ID 11336

Manufacturer: Chaosium
Manufacturer SKU: 2023
Dragons Trove ID: 11336
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 1568823061
Condition: New
Condition Note:

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