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Gnomes 100, Dragons 0


On the world of Krynn, from deep in the heart of the Isle of Sancrist, rises a dormant volcano named Mount Nevermind. Although dormant, Mount Nevermind never sleeps, for it is where 59,000 gnomes carry out their Life Quests, as they and their ancenstors have for thousands of years. Their livelihood, however, is now threatened by the Queen of Darkness, who has sent a dragonarmy to seize Sancrist. The gnomes' only hope of resistance is to have YOU command the final battle. But first you must gather components of a weapon that will repel the Dark Queen's minions. In Gnomes - 100, Dragons - 0, you enter the world of a visual maze, full of surprises both delightful and deadly! As a baker's son and would-be general, you begin your quest. But to complete it, you must expore the chambers within Mount Nevermind where fearsome creatures lurk and gnomish ingeniuty will astound you! A unique feature of this book is a roguish Draconian, a member of the Dark Queen's advancing horde, which may help or hinder you and may be hiding on any page! Dragon Trove ID 10425

Manufacturer: TSR
Manufacturer SKU: 8421
Dragons Trove ID: 10425
Type: Novel
ISBN/UPC: 0880385030
Condition: Very Good/Near Mint
Condition Note: Scuffing to front and back of cover. Bookmarks unused. Some minor page wear. Price tag on front cover.

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