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RuneQuest Monsters II


The second in the series, Monsters II is a large collection of creatures and species for use in the collective RuneQuest gaming settings. It is the continuation of the work began with the first Monsters title "“ but bigger, fuller and even more crowded with interesting and unique creatures from every corner of the imagination. Returning dozens of Gloranthan beasts and races back to RuneQuest, Monsters II gives Games Masters and reader's use of many of the old favorites. With the return of the Choram, Jelmre and even the Waknath, Gloranthan campaigns can fill in many of the corners that our first Monsters collection left empty. There are also dozens more newcomers as well that could be found in Glorantha as well as other gaming settings that use the RuneQuest system. Monsters II is filled from cover to cover with a host of different beasts and creatures that could make good encounters and player characters. From the old mythological traditions like chimera and hydras, to unique races like the semi-vampiric sanguines and spirit wolves, this book contains a multitude of wonders and horrors to unleash upon the RuneQuest game worlds. Dragon Trove ID 10247

Manufacturer: Mongoose Publishing
Manufacturer SKU: 8135
Dragons Trove ID: 10247
Type: Supplement
Condition: New
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