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Conan: Player's Guide To The Hyborian Age


The world of Conan is dark and dangerous and the people that inhabit it are well suited to their environs. The Player's Guide to the Hyborean Age contains new rules and information that can help your Player Character succeed where otherwise he might fail. No longer will Player Characters be relegated to being a mere collection of statistics... now a character can have hidden depths and goals too. Extensive guidelines on personality types are included, to help round out nascent Player Characters.The Player's Guide to the Hyborean Age contains new races, feats and spells that can be used within the game, helping to make each character truly unique, with multiple equipment kits to allow characters to be properly attired either by their culture or location.Also included are indexes detailing where to find the spells and character options already published in other Conan supplements. The Player's Guide to the Hyborean Age is an invaluable sourcebook for the Conan game, expanding upon the information provided in the main rulebook and other supplements to enhance the experience of adventuring in the Hyborean Age. Dragon Trove ID 10069

Manufacturer: Mongoose Publishing
Manufacturer SKU: 7808
Dragons Trove ID: 10069
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 9781905850174
Condition: New
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