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We Got Your Dictum Mortuum Right Here

Don't tell me you were dumb enough to buy the load of crud the Hierarchy's been trying to sell you. If you believe the Deathlords are benevolent, the Legions are here to protect us and soulforging is a necessary part of the Stygian way of life, I've got a Fetter on the Brooklyn Bridge to sell you. It's all lies, kid, but you're lucky. You're about to hear the truth.

Up Yours, Charon!

Renegades takes a cold, hard look at the outsiders of the world of Wraith: The Oblivion. With fiction from noted authors Tom Deitz and Bram Stoker Award winner P.D. Cacek, Renegades is a complete look at what the afterlife is like on the wrong side the Code of Charon. Being a Renegade ain't pretty - but damn, it's fun.

Renegades Contains:

  • Everything the Deathlords don't want you to know about life on the outside - and the tactical secrets they'd kill for
  • The truth about the mysterious Renegade Council, and the organization of the major Renegade factions
  • The nitty-gritty of playing a Renegade, from character creation to Byway Robbery to the details of overthrowing Necropoli
Manufacturer: White Wolf Publishing
Manufacturer SKU: 6065
Dragons Trove ID: 625
Type: Module
ISBN/UPC: 9781565046368
Condition: Near Mint
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