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Into the Cess & Citadel

Into the Cess and Citadel is a supplemental TTRPG book for those seeking to incorporate a strange, colorful, and terrifying city into their role-playing game. Presented within the book is a comprehensive guide to running adventures or campaigns within a fantastical city, along with an overhaul of the adventuring system to better accommodate the unique challenges and benefits of a sprawling urban environment.
Into the Cess and Citadel is designed to turn the traditional city into a more immersive dungeon-like adventure setting.The book provides rules for everything from small urban-dungeon exploration to a total urban conversion with a world filled with disasters, factions and encounters that react to the player's actions. Along with these rules are a series of generators for creating an urban environment from a 6-mile district down to a single building and an essay on how best to run your urban adventures.

The book contains:

  • Rules for traveling and surviving in a city; including exploration, traffic, and hazards.
  • Tools for generating unique urban factions and their complicated relationships.
  • Guides for running each of the urban environments presented within the book and pointers on how they differ from dungeons or wilderness.
  • Step-by-step guides for generating and running three unique city landscapes: the sprawling Megacity, the dungeon-like Undercity, and the dangerously opulent Spires.
  • Hundreds of tools, hirelings, contraband and services both mundane and strange.
  • Unique districts to explore and exploit, from the grand libraries of the Archivists to the industrial hellscapes of the Foundry.
  • Dozens of tables for dressing shops, streets, NPCs and more.
  • 50+ monsters ranging from Depraved Aristocrats, Sewer Walruses, and Dire Pigeons
  • Magical artifacts, curious spells, diseases, 100 locations and more…
  • All written in a system-neutral format for use in most role-playing games.

With tools and options for Players and Referees alike, Into the Cess and the Citadel is a complete resource for a foray into the urban adventure or a total urban conversion.

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