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Stardate Magazine Vol. 3 #3



  • Five of a Kind (Five new AeroTech Designs) by John A. Theisen
  • Escape from Neu Yark (AeroTech Scenario) by Robert Gray
  • Flights of the Imagination (The state of the art of air game design) by the staff
  • New Bohemia Shipyards (A world for Traveller) by Mike Cuba
  • TOP LASER (Traveller fighter variants) by Mike Cuba
  • Incident on Pluto (Traveller: 2300 adventuring) by Robert Gray
  • Spotting from Above (Airborne eyes for BattleTech) by John A. Theisen
  • The Rest of the Flightline (Expansion [and how!] for Top Gun) by Alan J. Carlson
  • BattleMech Tech ("Five of a Kind": New AeroSpace fighters) by John A. Theisen
  • Off the Shelf (The BCS-1S Starhip One) by John A. Theisen
  • Inventive Ordnance (A new DropShip design for BattleTech) by C. W. Hess
  • Jaynz Ships of the Galaxy (Roumlan V-24 Class Cruiser and P-8 Class Coervette) by Josh W. Spencer
Manufacturer: Reluctant Publishing
Manufacturer SKU: SD3-3
Dragons Trove ID: 9514
Type: Magazine
Condition: Very Good/Near Mint
Condition Note: Some spine creases. Top edge of back cover has some wear and scuffing.

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