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The Orions (Common & Deep Knowledge)


The Orions: Book of Common Knowledge
80-pages, Player Guide
This supplement fills the Orion gap by providing all the information players and gamemasters might need to play Orion characters and to understand Orions and their culture. It ties the scattered STAR TREK references to things Orion into a coherent whole, using a little honest extrapolation. Should discrepancies crop up between this book's information and other sources, remember that the Orions are fond of contradctions, puzzles, and paradoxes, and that they tend to lie a lot. In addition, they particularly enjoy confusing strangers. So, who can really say that he knows the truth about the Orions?

The Orions: Book of Deep Knowledge
48-pages, GM Guide
Intended for the gamemaster's eyes only, the Book of Deep Knowledge contains the character generation system and rules for experience and acquiring skills for Orion characters. In addition, it provides more specific or different information than that provided in the Book of Common Knowledge about Orion life and motives. The information in the Book of Common Knowledge is that which is known to people at large; Deep Knowledge expands on particular points about which the Orions have kept quiet or are actively concealing. Even other Orions (particularly Greens) do not know some of these matters, and those in the know give a high priority to keeping them secret. The gamemaster should keep this in mind and be very selective about what he lets player characters know. After all, Orions will take desperate measures to ensure that their secrets remain secret.

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