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Way of the Horned God


Welcome to Way of the Horned God, the fourth adventure in the Horned Lord and Moon Sow campaign for the Slaine roleplaying game. In this epic adventure, the heroes will need to free their tribe from fomorian tyranny, quest for the tribal treasures of the other three Tuatha de Danaan, unite the four Tribes of the Earth Goddess under a single High King, re-establish the religion of Carnun, the Horned Lord, and assemble the last of the magical Teeth of the Moon Sow to create a magical artefact of staggering power! All you need to play Way of the Horned God is this book, a copy of The Player's Handbook, and the Slaine RPG. The first Slaine supplement, Tir Nan Og, would be useful for additional background but is not essential; the same is true of the Fir Domain Tribe Book. Dragon Trove ID 9972

Manufacturer: Mongoose Publishing
Manufacturer SKU: 8008
Dragons Trove ID: 9972
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 1903980836
Condition: Near Mint
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