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The Ebon Mirror


A party of adventurers is caught in the wake of an unwise wizard's mystical experiments. Without realizing it, they are drawn into a pocket of space -- a mirror world, where the laws of reason and magic have been twisted by the mind of a madwoman. Feral gnomes and savage halflings prowl the forests alongside warlike humans and elves, while peaceful goblins, orcs, and ogres farm the land, always fearful of another brutal attack. Only the divine protection of the sacred undead keeps this bloodthirsty horde at bay. The PCs must find their way out of this strange world before it destroys them ... but on the way, they have to deal with their suddenly new and unfamiliar abilities, and defeat their own alter personalities. Dragon Trove ID 5055

Manufacturer: Atlas Games
Manufacturer SKU: 3211
Dragons Trove ID: 5055
Type: Module
ISBN/UPC: 1589780108
Condition: Near Mint
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