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Mishima Sourcebook


Under the Overlord's all-seeing eyes, a dynasty formed, rooted in loyalty and founded upon the rock of Ki. But like all human things, this unity could not long survive unscathed.

Eventually, the Darkness crept into Mishiman hearts and planted there the seeds of discord. Soon Heirs bickered, the first stone from the sun and the brightest of all the planets, the Darkness crept into the great cavern-cities and deep into human hearts.

But even in these doomed days, there are still men and women with honor, still those who rail against the Darkness.

Now is the time for heroes.

Explore these pages and discover MISHIMA, learn of the Overlord and his crumbling dynasty. This jam-packed sourcebook features new weapons, vehicles and professions - like the fabled Demon Hunters and the legendary Shadow Walkers - as well as a lethal and mystical martial arts system especially for the followers of the Overlord and his bickering Heirs. Plus, there's all sorts of information about Mercury, the long-held Mishiman home planet, and its capital city of Fukido, as well as "Hard Times in Undercity", a thrilling adventure. Immerse yourself in Mishiman society and test the mettle of your honor and Ki.

Manufacturer: Target Games
Manufacturer SKU: 4009
Dragons Trove ID: 7478
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 9789178983506
Condition: Near Mint
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