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Atlas of Earth Alliance Wars


The sky itself seems filled with transports. Thousands of men and women flee the imagined safety of their fortified colony. Arrayed about the planet, row upon row of defense satellites point their guns spaceward. Swarms of Starfuries patrol the area, their pilots nervously surveying the stars. Nearby, a fleet of starships guards the jump gate as transport after transport makes good its escape.

Dozens of blue portals appear all about them. Every man and woman in the defence fleet gulps away their fears and makes peace with their god.

The Minbari have come...

This product details the major wars of earth in the latter half of the 22nd century, specifically the disastrous Earth-Minbari War and the Earth Civil War. Included are new ships and fighters for the Earth Alliance and Minbari Federation, as well as scenarios detailing these great struggles and the fight for freedom undertaken by Babylon 5.

Manufacturer: Agents of Gaming
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Condition: New
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