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"Not far from the mouth of the Forest River was the strange town he heard the Elves speak of in the king's cellars. It was not built on the shore, though there were a few huts and buildings there, but right out on the surface of the lake, protected from the swirl of the entering river by a promontory of rock which formed a calm bay. A great bridge made of wood ran out to where on huge piles made of forest trees was built a busy wooden town, not a town of elves but of Men, who still dared to dwell here under the shadow of the distant dragon-mountain. They still throve on the trade that came up the great river from the South and was carted past the falls to their town; but in the great days of old, when Dale in the North was rich and prosperous, they had been wealthy and powerful, and there had been fleets of boats on the waters, and some were filled with gold and some with warriors in armour, and there had been wars and deeds which were now only a legend..." - The HobbitExplore the Northron settlement where Bilbo and the Dwarves were feasted and supplied during their journey toward Smaug the Dragon! Moor your boat at the town's quays, search for exotic goods from the East in the stalls of its Great Wharf, or witness the changing of its formidable Bridge Guard accompanied by the retrieval of the hlaestingas, the collected trade tariffs. Lake-town presents this mercantile center in all its vivid bustle, including craft associations, the burg's coiner, drihten who collects the tools, and smugglers. An introductory adventure followed by a two-part mini-campaign draws player characters into the watery labyrinth amidst the piles below the town's wooden streets and out into the wild lands surrounding the Long Lake. In the aftermath of the Plague, Orcs and Trolls and Undead have the upper hand in the Wilds. Keep you hand on your sword hilt, if you venture far from Esgaroth! Lake-town includes complete stats for MERP and Rolemaster.

Manufacturer: Iron Crown Enterprises
Manufacturer SKU: 2016
Dragons Trove ID: 6277
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 9781558062290
Condition: Near Mint
Condition Note: Slight dirtiness to page edges. Poster map is present.

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