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Ghostbusters International box set


The indispensable defense science of the next decade - professional paranormal investigations and eliminations - is yours to pursue in your own home or office! Play the stars from the hit movies - smooth Peter Venkman, brainy Egon Spengler. sincere Ray Slantz. Or invest in the franchising opportunity of a lifetime! Create your own local Ghostbusters International office, and play your own dashing Ghostbusters! You wield the proton packs! You vanquish the slimers! You wade through federal regulations! You can save the world - again and again and again!

The Ghostbusters Rulebook:
* The Universal How Much game system for simply, accurately, and enjoyably figuring out who manages to do how much of what to whom.
* The Big List of Equipment every tool of paranormal investigations from Giga-meters to Beach Kits, and every weapon from Battle-Axes to Umbrellas.
* Chapters and chapters on Ghostology, Magic and Weird Science, plus Designing a Ghostbuster, Combat and Movement, and common Routines. Every page chock-full of tips and tricks to bring your roleplaying experience to life!
* Two ready-to-play mini-adventures and bunches of capsule adventures.

Special Ghost Supplement:
* Photocopiable release forms and EPA permits and hand-outs.
* Extra characters to populate your Ghostbusters' hometown.
* A solitaire adventure to introduce you to the world of paranormal investigations!"

Manufacturer: West End Games
Manufacturer SKU: 30026
Dragons Trove ID: 6376
Type: Boxed Set
ISBN/UPC: 087431223X
Condition: Very Good/Near Mint
Condition Note: Lower right corner of the box has wear, some box indentation and corner wear to other corners. Contents are complete and in good shape. No dice.

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