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Wabbit Wampage


Wabbit Wampage - The ultimate game of mindless mayhem! All it takes is a streak of strategy, a lot of luck, and a mean sense of humor - then maybe you'll survive the fun.

Cartoon Madness! Adult Strategy!

*Play a rabbit gone berserk. Battle other bunnies for carrots. Attack Farmer Brown for revenge. Then torch the barnyard, hijack tractors - and yes, you can even jet-pack to the mailbox, send for a cannon, and blast old Fido off the board. But that's not all...

*Play Farmer Brown. Stomp the rabid rabbits right back into their holes. Hire a handyman with a blowtorch, call the hare-hungry hunters with shotguns, even send out the dog with a chainsaw...

*Then meet the rest of the cast! The Duck, The Bear, The Chipmunks, The Mail-order Big Horrible Monster - just to name a few!

Wabbit Wampage features four wild and harey seasons of destruction, each calling for a different strategy. To win, just survive - and earn the most points during the year.

Manufacturer: Pacesetter
Manufacturer SKU: 6002
Dragons Trove ID: 174
Type: Boxed Set
ISBN/UPC: 0917609441
Condition: Very Good
Condition Note: Dinged corners, and box has some indentation from storage. Contents are played, and nicely sorted.

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