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Star Crusade


It had to happen - the jumpgates to the barbarian worlds have opened up and Questing Knights, adventurers, seekers and scoundrels of all stripes now risk life and limb to exploit the riches of these new worlds. The Hawkwoods aim to take back what is theirs from the Vuldrok Raiders, while the Hazat seek to overthrow a rival star-empire with the aid of the Church. The player characters must carve out their own fates amid these struggles."Star Crusade" is a vast new campaign setting for the Fading Suns universe. Whole new worlds are detailed, including their histories, peoples and current conflicts. Character creation rules for Vuldrok and Kurgan barbarians are given, as are new theurgies and pagan magics for these factions. And for the gamemaster, whole new mysteries and secrets are revealed to lead player characters into deeper trouble than ever before imaginable.

Manufacturer: Holistic Design
Manufacturer SKU: 239
Dragons Trove ID: 6760
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 9781888906202
Condition: Near Mint
Condition Note: Some minor cover wear.

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